Sunday, July 31, 2016

Week 47: Sweaty Weather, Charming Contacts, Revelation & Alcohol

Hola Familia!

Wow this week has been a crazy one! From interviews to failed district
meetings because of a lack of buses to Santander, to being almost hit
with a belt with a group of homeless men, it's was pretty
interesting(and don't worry about the belt, the man was wasted beyond
belief, super great man though, his names Javi). But the good news is
that we now have three out of the four Guatemalans on a baptismal date
for the next week or so(30th of July, and the 6th of August). That's
all thanks to my companion Elder Morley, who randomly and boldly
invited Joel, the third one to be baptized just this last night! Boom,
just out of training and going strong! This last Sunday too we had a
crazy 7 investigators in church and 4 less actives that hadn't been in
quite some time so we were pumped as they all came in the door!
Overall, a fun and busy week here in Las Arenas.

We had quite a few great experiences with revelation this week. We had
been praying to find some new people(sheep we like to call them), to
teach is week. Our prayers were answered when one day after passing by
an old investigators piso we contacted the only person not drinking on
the street, to find that's she was a baptized member from Brazil
that's lived here for 12 years and never knew the church was here in
his part of Spain! Elisa didn't end up going to church, which was sad,
but it goes so show how much revelation on the part of where we
contact or visit, and who we contact we have as missionaries and with
the Holy Ghost! Things like this make me grateful for those tender
mercies the Lord gives us, making each day even better!

So besides our homeless friends from Algorta(a part of town where we
always find miracle lessons), we also had an alcohol story with our
friend Adoma. He's a Nigerian man we found in the street last week,
who showed up to his first lesson absolutely drunk, so drunk that,
well he was just drunk I'll just say that. But through his drunken
Spanglish and prayers in the lesson, we felt a good spirit to him to
we made sure to meet with him again. Thankfully we did, because we
were able to commit him to quit alcohol and smoking, and is
miraculously progressing with that goal! He still showed up to
sacrament meeting a bit tipsy(he's getting there), but the difference
we've seen in him the last few days has been amazing. Also he brought
a friend to church who wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ, boom!

Through the driving 48 degree heat yesterday(118 degrees Fahrenheit,
that's what a sign showed in Bilbao after interviews), and some
amazing weather the rest of the week, we struggled with contacting.
Not because of us, but because we've been denied by about every person
on the street, or if not, given fake numbers and other normal things
we deal with as missionaries(the best on being when some man very
strongly told Elder Morley that he didn't like him, and he's talked
with us for like 10 seconds haha). So while not every person on the
street is ready for the gospel, at least we've found a few choice
spirits who we've been teaching, and who truly want to learn more
about the gospel!

Miracles are everywhere, and through all of the crazy sweating I've
been doing(I sweat so much I don't even know why, I think I have a
hormone disorder or something like that!) During my studies I learned
today about the miracle of Joseph Smith, and the blessing we have to
know of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Just like it
says in D&C 135:3, Joseph Smith left a fame and a heritage that cannot
be compared with anyone except Jesus Christ, and we owe so much to him
for the blessings we enjoy today as members of Christ's church! I know
that he's the prophet of the restoration, and I know that through him,
the Book of Mormon was translated, and the priesthood and many other
key principles of the gospel were brought back to the world! I'm also
grateful for President Dayton for helping us during our interviews to
realize the importance of this man, and the blessing we have to
testify of him every day!

Overall a great week, filled with miracles, sweat(why body?), and some
great things going on here!

Love and miss you all!

Elder Taylor Moulton

 Preparation Day sports!

It was hoooot!

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