Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week 57: Gypsie Dogs, Hamster Herder, and Snake Attack!

Hola Family!

Well the title sums up the week, it was strange. We had to drop Joel, since he hasn't fulfilled a commitment nor come to church in several weeks. So that was sad. We also invited our two Paraguayen ladies to be baptized, they didn't show up for the appointment last night to follow up so we'll see what happens tonight. Seriously praying that they'll be there!! But other than them, we've just been trying to build our teaching pool, using various, and sometimes successful methods, including knocking buildings filled with old people, hiking across a mountain in order to find our drug dealer investigator(he's a champ), and walking into a gypsie yard filled with poop, only to find two giant dogs and a kind of crazy looking gypsie woman. We didn't stay very long there. 

We also had some crazy successes in the midst of that, such as this Nicaraguan woman who was working at this house on top of the mountain behind our town when we knocked on the door, and Adam, a Moroccan man we found for the elder elders. That was a memorable contact, after establishing that we're human and missionaries and whatnot, he told us the reason for being on the street, which was to find a way to rid himself of his 14 hamsters without being a sinner(his words not mine) by letting them loose in the street, or handing them to random small children. The elders taught him and he's totally going to be baptized, boom! 

Elder Jacobson and I went on two more intercambios this week – 1) while Elder Perry and Kimball headed to San Sebastián to do a baptismal interview(an elder there also got his foot stuck in the bus door, and ended up hopping down the street with the bus moving before people told the driver to stop. Oops), and 2) while my companion was resting his swollen foot from a soccer incident(we do many bench contacts now). We found out though that in each of those intercambios we could only find snakes(aka young flirtatious woman around our age), so we had some interesting lessons. Three of them are coming to an activity this week with us so we'll see where this goes...gosh dang it snakes!

In other news, Pakistani people live here, old people are mean sometimes, matay’s the best(matay is like grass that you drink with hot water and sugar from Argentina, it's the best), and the senior couple here the Rhodes surprised us last night by telling us they'll be coming for a piso check Thursday, aka, the biannual time to scrub your piso(and ours is quite old), so this should be fun! Don't know when we'll have time to clean though..

This week I learned about what it means to be genuine. It's to be you, and always you, no matter what the situation, and to be a Christlike listener. This is a struggle of many missionaries, of relating to people of many back grounds(like us, who contact people from 4 continents daily, and old Spaniards by the dozens), and it's something I found I needed to improve. After our zone meeting this week too, I have focused on sharing personal stories more often in lessons, and just from the few times I've done it, I've seen the impact a personal testimony makes on the people. So I'd like to invite you all to think of personal stories about gospel topics, like prayer, fasting, sacrament meeting, miracles, the priesthood, anything, and to share it with your family and friends! I know that as you do this, people will relate to your testimony more, and the gospel will reach many more people! 

Thank you for your emails and the love I've felt as I've been here, and I hope you all have an amazing week! 

Shout out to my amazing trainee/companion Elder Perry, and Subway cookies! 


🇪🇸🌴Elder Taylor Moulton🌲🇪🇸

 Intercambio Kebab with Elder Jacobson
 Zone Enfoque with the Bilbao zone
 Preparation Day cookies!

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