Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 72: My Brazilian friend touched snow, The Body of Christ, and I'm super dizzy writing this letter!

Hola familia!

I'm sorry if this letter is a bit short, but I'll explain why. We're
now in the car of our branch president, President Flores and his wife
after spending the afternoon up at the top of the Pyrenees Mountains.
At a ski resort named La Molina, we took the opportunity to take the
cable car to the top of the mountain, peaking out at a hefty 8000
feet (it was high). Not a bad way for Elder Tobias to touch snow. He
was quite excited. The cable car rocked (literally, a bit scary haha).
But yea so while on the highways here I can't write much since I might
get sick.

Anyways, busy week. We went to Barcelona on Wednesday for our monthly
zone meeting. After which, I went on an intercambio with my old friend
Elder Tyson (my old district leader from Manresa who's now our zone
leader) to Vic. Pretty fun times, talked to a bunch of people, got the
Spanish bird from a man (pretty intense haha, they're not casual about
it like in the United states).

Fun cultural note: We've talked to a few people this week from India,
specifically from Punjab (a region there). Super nice people, don't
know much English or Spanish so it's hard to talk to them. But the
good news is that I know how to say hi to them. It's "Sashrical". Good
word to know next time I'm in India or Catalonia.

This week we made big progress with the family of Geraldo. While we
had to move their baptismal date up to the 21st, they made it to
church again, the daughters received pretty strong answers to their
prayers about the church, and we've made it almost all the way to
lesson 5. Geraldo is being held back by both his fear for the change,
and because of doubts that his pastors have  given him. Mainly about the
scripture that we are all the body of Christ. Even after he's told us
the fruits of the church are good, with prophets and apostles and the
Book of Mormon, he's held back by these doubts and his expectations
for an answer. After all of our efforts this week to explain how the
Holy Ghost answers prayers, we're hopeful that he'll receive his
answer this week. Also he's had some pretty interesting dreams, but
that's another story.

One miracle we had this week was this mom and son named Christina and
James from Ghana. We contacted them on the street, and applying the
invitation from the zone leaders to invite at least one person to be
baptized a day, we asked them if they'd been baptized. Surprisingly
they hadn't, so we invited them, they accepted, and we later had a
great lesson on the restoration! The only issue we see is the people
living in their piso, who come from other churches and weren’t too
interested in our message. But lesson learned, we shouldn't ever be
afraid to invite. They might even say yes!

Fun thing I do with my spare time, I have a notebook filled with
interesting experiences in the mission on one side, and the other
filled with things I've learned while a missionary.  So far, I have about 200
things  I've learned this year, including but not
limited to 1) you can’t eat fufu with your left hand, 2) February has
an r after the b, 3) it's better to say no to something than to say
yes but know you'll be there late, 4) you need to touch your hand to
your heart after shaking the hand of a man from Morocco, the list goes
on. Elder Tyson taught me one this week in his call to me last night
about district stuff.  He finished with the question "Do you believe
you've done everything in your power to fulfill your purpose to invite
others to come unto Christ this week?".  It's a good question.  Did I do
everything in my power to help someone come to know Jesus Christ? Did
I pray as fervently as I could for the spirit to touch the hearts of
the people? I gave a rookie district leader answer yes, but realized
after that it probably wasn't true. So I want to ask you all the
question, “Have you done everything in your power to have a great day?
To serve someone else? To be the best you can be?” If not, do what
I'm going to start doing now and also God if you've done your best,
and humbly ask "What lack I yet?"

Thank you all for your letters and prayers, they definitely don't go unnoticed!

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸŒ΄Elder Taylor Moulton🌲πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

 Went to La Molina up by the French border, 8000 feet!  With Branch President Flores and his wife.

 Three Kings Day cake.  If you get a little king in your piece you get a wish (and you're king), or if you get the deed, you pay for the cake!

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