Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 80: Drunk Investigators, Tender Mercies, and Mills!

Hello family!

It's been a tougher week, still not finding much. But....We finished
the week strong with bringing the family of Geraldo to the baptism of
the Granollers elders, and seeing some good people in church. Steven
hasn't answered his phone or the door for a week now, so we've had to
put him on the back burner. I'm pretty bummed, he was super open in
the lessons, and wanted to come to church last week. Annabelle, the
prima of Jamileth, didn't come to church (she stayed home while the
family went), and we’re still trying to meet with her. She didn’t have
much desire to listen though the last time we saw her, so we'll see
how she is in our visit with her tomorrow. While all our visits fired
again this week, it's been a good opportunity for Elder Tobias and I
to think of other ways to find. We've been giving out 2 invitations to
each of the members in our area the last two weeks for our Noche de las
Naciones this Saturday. We've already seen some miracles with that,
Abel, a recent convert, walked out the front door and gave some out.
We ended up contacting one of those people a few days later on
accident (they're from Honduras), and we got their phone number. It was
a funny contact, she asked us if we were going to invite her to "the
Activity" too, and told us how this Peruvian gave them this invitation
a few days earlier. I love tender mercies. Another was coming back
from Mercadona this morning and finding a Ghanaian member named Frank
from Madrid. He had just moved here a few days ago, and ran across the
street to talk to us (the white shirts are pretty obvious).

Geraldo showed up to the baptism after drinking a bit of alcohol. It
wasn't too obvious at first, but he reeked of it when I sat next to
him. He was a bit weird the rest of the meeting too. His daughters
like it too, but we've officially had to let him go again, since we
still doesn't have the desire to come to church (yet his other church
is falling apart, shouldn't that be obvious that that's not the right

Fun story, we were eating at our branch president’s house out in
village called Sant Hipólito. While waiting for the food to cook,
Elder Tobias and I visited our old friend Miguel just down the street.
Miguel is this 70 year old Catalan man who lives in this 300 year old
mill across the street from President Flores, and was being taught by
the hermanas a year or two ago. We visited, and hey, he gave us a tour
of the mill! It was huge, had cobwebs everywhere, and well it was a
good time. He still doesn't have much desire to come to church, but
he's still a good friend.

To finish up I have a favorite quote from one of my favorite talks, “We
are the Architects of our Own Happiness by Gerald Causee. "The
greatest thing we can desire in life is to align our will to the will
of the Lord--to accept His agenda for our lives. He knows everything
from the beginning, has a perspective that we don’t have, and loves us
with an infinite love." I know that the more we say "not my will but
thine be done", the Lord will bless us with more happiness, no matter
the sacrifice required. Even if it takes your time, God knows our
potential, and when we choose our agenda over His, we limit our own

Love and miss you all!

🇪🇸🌴Elder Taylor Moulton🌲🇪🇸
 District Meeting with balloons (Blue Balloon Baptism)
 Grammar nazis shouldn't come to Spain....
 Took a tour with one of our former investigators Miguel to the mill below his house!

 Hiked to a waterfall for P-day today!

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