Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week 84: Double Dragon, Shellfish, la Aljaferia, and el Cierzo!

Hola family!

Well crazy week. As usual, I mean I say that every week so my crazy is
pretty normal. Lots of maños, gitanos, morracans and wind(aka el
Cierzo). Like so much wind. The weather here changes by the hour. Friday
we had massive thunderstorms, Sunday it was freezing, today is hot,
Friday morning it poured. Our weather app doesn't help much as you can
tell. The good news is that the people are used to it so we can
usually find someone outside to listen to us. If or if not random old
homeless people interrupt the contact, that's up to them (true story).

We ate shellfish this week. Strange food, like sucking up a snail out
of salt water, with a touch of spicy tomato sauce to make things
better. The member was super good, her names Maria Angeles, she's from
lleida, and was baptized four years ago. I also got food poisoned this
week (not from her food). Thank goodness for a good companion who let
me pass out on the couch in a coma. I couldn't eat for two days so I
had no energy.

Our two friends with fechas, Juaquin and Consuelo, ended up not being
able to come to conference at the last minute, so well have to re-
invite them to be baptized later this month. We hope to passby them
tonight. But the miracle was Ester and Ester, a mom and daughter who
we've taught twice now from Nicaragua. The daughter has already
decided to be baptized at the end of April, but the mom still isn't
convinced about being baptized a second time. For that, I definitely
was grateful for the talks from this conference. I was surprised at the
simplicity and power of them this time, seemed a lot easier to find a
way to apply each of them to my life and the work. This mother and
daughter arrived late for the Sunday morning session, but were just in
time to hear Elder Oak’s message about the Godhead. With some of the
clearest teachings about the three I've heard in a long time, they
both left with a lot more knowledge about the doctrine of the church
and the three Godhead. For that, I know that conference answers prayers.

We also found by complete accident a Colombian man named Daylen, who's
19 and super interested in the message! Might sound normal but you
don't find a 19 year old investigator too often here! He's a bit
fruity (by his personality), so we're hoping nothing comes bad from
that, but boom teaching the jovenes!

I really enjoyed President Nelson’s talk about focusing on Jesus
Christ. With this new Easter video campaign the church is doing, it’s a
good time to focus on what our church is all about, Christ.
Immediately after I read the Living Christ too. Hadn't read it too
deeply before, it's worth doing!

For preparation day we cleaned the bathroom and headed to the
Aljaferia Palace in the city center. Great castle, lots of Moroccan
architecture. I want to go to Morocco so bad!

Love and miss you all!

🇪🇸🌴Elder Taylor Moulton🌲🇪🇸

 District meeting and crepes!

 La Aljaferia Castle - amazing Moroccan architecture!

 A big well inside

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