Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week 52: Arctic Baptisms, My companion was sent to Babylon, and I'm gonna be a father!

Hola familia!

Well this about sums it up. A crazy last week of the transfer, a bunch
of running around the city seeing everyone we could before Elder
Morley left to Ibiza(the island party/drinking/beach capital of
Europe, sounds like fun!). It was sad to see him go, we've been through
a lot these last 3 months, and now I'm so excited to train a new
missionary here in Las Arenas! I've only finished a training, so this
will be a first for me. The fun part of being a trainer though is
being able to take the train ride across Spain to Barcelona for the
"future parents meeting" and the training meeting with President
Dayton. With a mission as big as ours, we don't get to see him much so
that's a bonus!

We had an amazing week, and to top it off we had a great baptismal
service for Alicia and Oyer, a mother and son from Bolivia! The water
was a bit cool(so cold that my feet went numb as we went in, and Oyer
had a look of shock on his face when he had to be baptized again since
his arm came up), but it was worth it. Alicia and Oyer each bore their
testimonies after the ordinance, and the spirit was felt especially
during Oyer's, who, even though he's only 8, testified that baptism is
the way to live with God again. The simplest testimony, but still a
powerful one, one that touched the hearts of several people in that
meeting! Alicia during the meetings on Saturday asked for some temple
pictures, a Christ picture, a triple combination, and about eternal
marriage. I’m so excited to keep working with this amazing family! Such
a good family, now it's about keeping all 4 of them progressing with
the gospel, even if they live on top of a mountain(my legs are so sore
from climbing that thing every day).

Here's a quote from my journal this week. "Pilar(an investigator we
taught in Santander during an intercambio) was a bit goofy. She's like
55ish, loves the scriptures, has a thrift store dedicated to Martin
Luther King(even if she's going after religious rights, not civil
rights), and her children look very African... No idea how, she's
definitely Spanish." Just an example of what passes through my brain as
we preach the gospel haha.

If there's anything that I've learned this week, through sweat, odd
food, intercambios, funny people and tall companion jokes for the last
time, is that agency is to be used well. It's a gift from our loving
Heavenly Father, that if we use well, can bless not just us, but the
lives of countless others in our lives. As a wise prophet once said,
"Be wise in your days of probation". And that's not to say that every
minute will be a test, but in reality the test is how we use this
time. After a year of serving the Lord each and every day, I'm pretty
tired. But I'm excited to continue to use my agency to keep serving
the Lord here in the Spain Barcelona mission. Here's my invitation for
you all, don't, as a wise missionary once told me, "sit in the hot tub
of self pity", but rather hop on out and run, and make the probation
the best time of your life!

I love and miss you all, and I pray you all have an amazing week!

Love you!

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸŒ΄Elder Taylor Moulton🌲πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

 Alicia and the family pre baptism lesson (couldn't go inside since there was no man there so we had the lesson on the steps)

 Fireworks over Bilbao and the last night before transfers
 One year in the mission - feeling pretty old!
 Intercambio with Elder Ibarro

 Elder Morley and I

 Baptism of Alicia and Oyer
 Last pic before Elder Morley left in a taxi to catch a plane to Ibiza
 Non-alcoholic beer! Tastes nasty though, like a peach that's sat in some old lemon juice, but it's worth it!
 Last ditrict meeting

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