Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week 53: "I believe a witch just hit me on the rear with a broom during the First Vision", and Other Stories!

Hola family!

Well, first week being a father and we’ve encountered the best and the
worst. Tons of mate(herbs they drink with water here with something
called a bombilla, it's Argentinian), crazy gypsy people, fast
talking Spaniards, and the experience of teaching the restoration with
a parade doing down the same street as us, with giant head costumes,
fat Churros, and witches who for some reason wanted to hit me in the
rear with a broomstick during a lesson on the restoration. But hey
good story haha, and the girl Elsa was at church with a baked
investigator of ours(he wasn't baked at the time just when we first
found him haha! His name’s Manuel and he's 22 from Spain).

Well I don't have much time today, so I'll finish this with some info
on my son. His names Elder Perry, he speaks better Spanish then I did
when I had six months in the mission, he sings in an acapella group,
he's 18, and well, he's ready to preach the gospel!

I love and miss you all, and I'll write more this next week! Las
arenas and our four man district is ready to take charge!
 Our district in one piso haha!
 Getting my "son" at transfers
 Bilbao zones training 5 missionaries!

Trio while my companion is in Barcelona

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