Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week 59: Racist Dragons, Wisdom Teeth Miracles, and Steamy Fudge!

Hola Family!

Pretty normal week, not much to report other than my companion’s gone in Barcelona for a day or two for residency, I ate an ice cream cone filled with caramel inside today, and well, we had pretty a fun Sunday. We had several less actives we've been working on come back to sacrament meeting, and a friend of a member(Miriam, my Bolivian grandma here who helped us baptism Alicia's family, is the friend). And well, she basically got a high speed restoration lesson from our gospel principles teacher, and accepted a Book of Mormon! Her names Joana, and well we're praying that she wants to meet more because she had to take in quite a bit for her first day at the chapel(not our fault but still, faith!). Joel didn't make it to church because, well we think he was fishing so we're going to have to find him and sort out his priorities haha! Other than that, lessons and contacting Atheist Spaniards.

Except for Percy! On following the prompting that Elder Perry received after talking to an old Spanish man on a bench about shellfish for a while, we punched the timbre of this reference and found this 20 something year old joven inside! He only let us in at first because we offered a prayer for his sore teeth, as in he had just gotten his dientes del juicio(wisdom teeth) out and couldn't talk much. But he listened, and is going to meet with us again this week! No matter what, it's listening to those little promptings that gets us to where the lord wants us to be, when we need to be there! 

I also tried some delicious things this week! One was some more subway cookies(raspberry cheesecake...yum....!). The other was melted chocolate in a mug, dipping cookies and Churros into in covered in cinnamon sugar, and yea, pretty amazing! Goofy members though, an older couple that have lived here since the dawn of the church here in Spain. But you've got to help out the members fulfill their missionary purpose somehow!

The talks that I studied from this last general conference were the ones by Quentin L. Cook, and Dven Cornich, the first one on stumbling blocks on the way to happiness and salvation(lesson learned, if your goal isn't Jesus Christ or becoming better, you missed the point of this life). Especially here in the mission, where we're only here two very short years(now that I'm on the downhill I'm freaking out), we can't waste our time and energy on things that won't bring others to Christ! Just like Elder Cornich says, we need to stop wasting our time comparing ourselves needlessly to others, but rather we need to compare ourselves to who we were before, and to who we want to be! Not to those around you! Better, ask Him what He thinks of You! It'll probably be a lot better than your opinion of yourself at the moment! Just repent daily, smile, sip some mate, eat some fuet and cheese, and all will come out ok(and preach the gospel, that always works out good!)!

Also if anyone's wondering why I put racist dragons in the title, it's from a song that's stuck in my head about a racist dragon and this little kid that annoys him. This is what happens when missionaries talk in our piso at night.

I love and miss you all, I love these members, investigators, friends and all the people I've met here in Spain, and I'm grateful to be part of the work of the Lord in bringing some of these people to Christ! I'm also grateful for a modern day prophet, and modern apostles who are here to teach and help all of us come into Christ, and especially for Joseph Smith. Because without him, none of these things I've been doing these last 14 months would be possible! 


🇪🇸🌴Elder Taylor Moulton🌲🇪🇸
 Sending off my companion yesterday to do some residency stuff in Barcelona
 Las Arenas district meetings
 Churros and chocolate at the Hidalgos

 Preparation Day fun!


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