Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 62: Breaking the Sound Barrier, Climbing a 15th Century Wall, and Gypsie Tales!

Hola Family!

It's been a pretty ridiculous week to be honest. I feel like that's the first line to most of my letters, but really, there not a better way to describe it. We did finish the week off in a pretty tranquilo way by visiting San Juan de Gasteluxate (Scaling its cliffs and wall from the era of the Black Plague), and Butron Castle with the very best Papa Manolo (who drives us around in his speedy 6 speed Ford through the windy coastal highways of Pais Vasco), and brings the very best goat cheese and Spanish sausage. You can't beat that. In other news, Joel didn't get baptized this week, he's gotten cold feet, and getting trucked (run into) during soccer and storming off, we’re working on picking up the pieces so he can get baptized. We've been fasting for him so hopefully he'll pick things up again. Other than that, Joanna had the stomach flu making a visit nearly impossible as she was sitting on standby by the bathroom when we passed by, so haven't had much progress with her. Overall we've had some great success with the less active here, and finding some interesting people in the streets and knocking doors.

Fun story. It's 8 pm, Elder Kimball and I are on an intercambio in my area, and we're knocking doors in the building of a member. After having little to no success with the people in the preceding floors, we had the welcome surprise of finding this old humble looking Romanian woman crack the door open to see who was there. Realizing that this could be our chance, barely a syllable came out of our mouths before she slammed the door at speeds I didn't think mahogany could go, especially from an old woman. Ears ringing, we left laughing at how ridiculously sad that was haha. But we did find a great Basque woman after so it was worth it! 

Special report, we had another gypsie encounter this week! We were in a town called Erandio contacting in the plaza when I had this strange feeling to go and talk to this gypsie woman. When all she wanted was 50 euros from us, I thought all hope was lost, until this middle aged gypsie man with bulgy eyes, and this beard that could hold 30 pencils named Abram came up. After 10 minutes, he went from disgracing the Book of Mormon to getting his friend excited to dress up like us and share the book too. Also cultural fact, you can never talk to just one gypsie. There will always be more, especially true this time since we finished teaching 6 in total with more coming from across the plaza. While we're still in the process of finding him, I'm grateful for the power of the Book of Mormon, because there is so much power in that book!

Elder Perry’s the best! We've had good times taking mate, falling several times a day, and singing Follow the Prophet randomly because we can. So yea, good times here.

If there’s anything I've learned this week, and have applied from the President Nelson Conference is that we should never " go beyond the mark". From Elder Kearon blatantly telling our mission to stop being so anxious to this quote I found from Bruce R McConkie. "We don't need to go beyond the mark to fulfill our purpose here! Just be obedient to the commandments, valiantly testify, and serve always”. And "You're calling and election is made sure". I've found that a lot of stress can be taken out of our lives if we just fulfill the calling, joyfully, and just do what's required! I promise you that after applying that this week, life will be just that much better!

I love and miss you all, with two week left here I'm getting antsy with how little time I have left, but with a new piso tomorrow this looks to be an amazing two weeks!

Love and miss you all! 

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸŒ΄Elder Taylor Moulton🌲πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ
 San Juan de Gasteluxate

 Visited San Juan with Manolo today

 Butron Castle

New piso...and carpet!

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  1. I love Elder Moulton's posts. What a great missionary he is. His pictures are awesome. I'm glad he gets to serve in such a beautiful area.