Sunday, July 16, 2017

Week 98: Happy Birthday to me, it's sweaty, and Mercadona Carts!

Hello family and friends!

Missionary work on Mallorca is the best,
these island people are just so strange and interesting, but I love
it. My week included, but was not limited to, having extremely good
luck in soccer on Saturday, having a lesson with this girl Cristina
with President Dayton(she talked so much, we had a good time haha),
running around Palma with a Mercadona shopping cart preparing for zone
conference by buying water and all these other things, running across
town because we were late to get home(we are so strange as a mission,
if we are going to get home after 10, we run. At least we don't get
fat). It was a fantastic Zone Conference on prayer, teaching with the
Holy Ghost(as Elder Holland says, if you don't have the Spirit with
you, you are forbidden to teach. Direct, but true). Today for my
birthday we went shopping and bought rootbeer for rootbeer floats

Other than that just a bunch of interesting lessons with some very
unique sons and daughters of God. Sadly, time doesn't permit me do
elaborate, but pronto I'll explain that. Missionary work’s the best!

Love you all!

Elder Taylor Moulton
 The view from a members home - can't beat that sunset!
 Bottomless pit next to the building we were knocking
 Sport Saturday
 Good old Palma shopping
 Zone Conference
Yes, thats an African sticker on my journal!

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