Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 99: It's the end of my world as I know it....but there's ice cream so it's ok!

Well, this is the last one.

It's been a crazy, long and fantastic two years as an el faro
missionary. Feels sort of like I'm writing my obituary, but like I said
we bought ice cream today so it's worth it. With only 6 more days in
my area before heading to the mission home, I've had lots of time to
reflect on what the mission has taught me. I won't bore you with
details, but those things are, and are not limited to; humility,
patience, hard work, love for random strangers, how to live with
someone 24/7, fighting off sin, how not to fall going up the stairs,
how to testify, how to eat fufu without burning my fingers or my soul,
how not to be force fed beer in a metro, how to hug anyone, how to
study the scriptures, how to play soccer, how to get through security,
how to run to our piso without throwing up the food from an eating visit,
how to pray, I could go on. But more than anything I know that God is
my Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ is my savior, we are on the Lord's
team, and that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God.

 In terms of missionary work we are beginning to see the fruits of our
labors with the area Book. We've had 5 people we've begun teaching as
we've transferred the paper registros to the iPad. One of them was
Delfina, an older woman from Guinea Ecuatorial who's been tough to
crack at (she's very catholic), but tomorrow we'll see how she is.
Cristina has been interested in getting baptized, the only thing
holding her back now are our beliefs on gay marriage. She's not into
that, even after using the scriptures, videos and several things to
help her out. While she prays in visits, she still hasn't done it
in-between. We're praying that our family home evening changes that. A
miracle we've seen was finding a friend Virgilio in the street after
losing his number. We were doing calls in a plaza near our piso when
he just sat down next to us and began to talk. We hadn't talked in
over a week! The Lord helps us out even in our weaknesses.

Also we gave a blessing to Veronica, the daughter of that less active
who had demons, who said Veronica was possessed. She isn't, but she
does have some multi personality disorder. Work in progress.

And we met crazy Katie. She also is fun, a Jehovah's witness with
lots of questions. Later found out that she's in the mental clinic at
night. Who says mission life is boring, but we teach everyone.

Elder Downing and I have had a good run, lots of work on our part, and
we've seen a change here just for that. I'm so grateful for his
perspective he has on life as a missionary. It's helped me prepare to
leave, even though it's been tough emotionally to handle, and I've
been helped to be a better missionary because of it. My goal this week
is to keep my mind in the work, focusing on the zone and finishing off
strong this transfer after a harder week last week.

I love and miss you all, and hope to see all of you on the other side!

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸŒ΄Elder Taylor Moulton🌲πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

 That's the Prince of Saudi Arabia's yacht by the way

 Kebab pizza - it's chicken, but magical.  Really I don't know how to describe it, like an ice cream cone of meatloaf thawed using a butane stove.  But it's delicious!

 Roller blading for P-day!
Not shabby!

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