Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 12: Greenie Power, Fu Fu, New Companion, and that time I called a kid Oboe

Hola family!

This week has been crazy! We are all healthy again, and with the
inspiration that we got from our zone Enfoque (focus) this week, our
companionship found 16 new investigators, taught 35 lessons and
basically killed it in every other way(we are also baptizing our
progressing investigator Xiomara this Saturday so that'll be great!).
The sad thing though is that with transfers, my companion got called
to be the new zone leader for our zone, leaving me trainer less
halfway through. Good news is that I'll get a new trainer, Elder
Turner, tomorrow night. So while it's hard to have a new companion
already, I'm excited for the change, and to have more experience with
new companions. Elder McArthur's nervous to be a zone leader, but
he'll be a great one once he gets used to it.

So one of the craziest miracle days this week was when we had
intercambios (exchanges), which left me working with my fellow greenie in our
area, Elder Heymeyer. We went contacting to Alequas and downtown
Valencia, and over a few ours we taught 6 lessons, found 3 news, and
had a funny experience with what we thought was a deaf guy(I said
senor to him like 6 times and he never looked up, so we awkwardly
walked on laughing at the experience). Overall, the miracle was that
even though we collectively had the Spanish knowledge of Spanish kid,
we still taught a bunch of people and were able to invite a bunch of
people to learn more, showing that even if we greenies don't have the
language down, we definitely have the faith to try(we had a good
attitude about it too so that helped).

For correlation meeting this week, our ward mission leader, Victor,
who's from Nigeria, made a huge dinner of Fu Fu, which is a
dough/potato dough that we dip in a delicious chicken peanut soup. It
was delicious, but it filled me up like nothing. His wife also fed us
some delicious banana bread cake that I could barely fit in
afterwards. Overall it was a fun experience trying out real African

So while my language skills have improved, they're definitely not
perfect yet. A funny experience that I had because of that was when we
visited this member family a few weeks ago to see how they were doing,
and leave them with a message. They had this son who was like 3,
but while his name was Hugo, because of the Spanish accent here I
heard Ubo, or something of that sort. So when I was asked to give an
opening prayer, I ended up calling him Oboe, since I didn't know that
the H in Spain is silent. It was pretty funny to find that out
afterwards though haha.

Overall, it's been a week of ups and downs, with a bunch of lessons
and things happening in our area, and the huge change of losing my
first trainer, but I'm excited to see what this week will bring as I
get my new trainer. Thank you so much for your prayers and emails, and
I hope that you'll all have an awesome week as we get closer to the

Love and miss you all!

Elder Taylor Moulton
 Doodles that sum up life here in Valencia

 A field of cattails in La Plaza de Virgen....random but cool!
 Contacting near Alequas
 Nesquik bar!
 Jose Carlos, and awesome member here!

 Ronny, our favorite member missionary
 Eating fu fu with the ward mission leader - it was the bomb!
 Victor, the ward mission leader's baby Vinn Axxel - best name ever haha!
 Torre de Torrent
 On the metro with no one riding haha
 Elder McArthur's yoshi hat
 Piso pic during lunch yesterday

 Elder Vickery, Reddish, Islas, Heymeyer and I waiting for the new companions to come
 Preparation day spent rollerblading by the City of Sciences

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