Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 13: New Companion, Akim Bigdady, and Miracles

Hola family!!!!

How has the week been? It's been a slow but eventful week as I got my
new companion Elder Turner, and as we got used to working with each
other. It's been a little bit difficult getting used to a new
companion after just 6 weeks, but so far we've had a pretty good time
working together. We had a crazy number of 11 new investigators this
week too, even with it being a shorter week, so we've been pretty busy
visiting all of these people.

Ok so Elder Turner’s from Orange County California, has only been on
the mission for 4.5 months(I only have 1.5, so it's crazy that he's
training... That could be me soon too in this mission), and served in
Vitoria Spain before coming here. He went to BYU Hawaii for last year
too, so that's pretty awesome. Overall, it's been fun getting to know
him, but hard at the same time -  it's hard since I see Elder McArthur
like 3 times a week, who lives just across the city. But we are pumped
for the upcoming week to get some real work done.

The nights are getting chilly here, even though the highs during the
day are in the 70s, the lows at night are almost in the 40s, so it's
definitely sweater season. The good news is that it hasn't rained in
forever so that keeps our spirits up!

One of the coolest days this week was working with a member
named Akim Bigdady, who's from Nigeria. Yes that's his real name, and
he has one of the strongest testimony and conversion stories I've
heard. His wife's not even a member, but he and his son are always at
church each week. A funny thing about him though is that even though
he can't speak Spanish that well, he still contacts every breathing
thing in his path, so we ended the night up having like 6 news, and a
bunch of lessons under our belts. But the real miracle happened later
that night, when we contacted this man after setting up an appointment
with a new we had. We contacted this random guy named Cristian, and
as we asked for directions to a certain street, we found out he was a
Bolivian man, who speaks English, and who had read the Book of Mormon
and met with some sister missionaries in DC. So the random guy we had
only asked for directions, turned out to be an amazing new that we are
meeting with this week! It's crazy how God puts people who are ready
to hear the gospel in our paths, even when we don't expect it!

So far on the mission, one of my favorite times of the day has been personal
study, because any time to read talks and the scriptures is awesome.
Because of the study time I've had, I found my new favorite talk,
called "We're the architects of our own happiness" by Gerald Causee as
a young adult talk. It's a long talk all about how we decide our
happiness level, even in times of struggle, and since any mission,
especially European missions, are hard, I learned a bunch from this
talk about how I can be a happier person. Overall, it's my new
favorite talk and I'd recommend it for anyone to read!

So while this week has been a bit long, and filled with new experiences,
I still had some random experiences and memories, and I know that this
week will be even better now that I'm getting used to my companion!

Love and miss you all!

Elder Taylor Moulton

Pictures from his last week at the MTC (probably from his camera)
 Departure Devotional

 Our amazing district!  With our teachers Hermano Ostler and Savage

 Our two districts that left
 Last pic at the Provo Temple

 Map pics before we left

 The Hunger Games like Frankfort Airport
 I stayed my first night in Spain at this piso (it rained too)
New pictures from this week:
 Soccer with most of the zone...still working on my soccer skills though (Elder Turner is the one in white in front of me)
 Bad pic of us eating at The Good Burger
Sunset from our kitchen window

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