Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 11: Food Poisoning, Miracle Prayers, and the Knight Bus

Hola Familia! 
 This week has been just a little bit crazy. After the week before of being sick with the flu, my companion and I went to a family home evening Monday night and ate a horrible chicken sandwich(it had bones in it....We still have PTSD with that haha). So that night and the next morning we totally got slammed again with stomach pains, Elder McArthur got more sick then me, and Elder Heymeyer, another elder in our piso, got sick from another thing too so our whole piso was sick. Long story short we’re better now, but Elder McArthur and I learned to always check the food before you eat it haha. We also had the great experience of having daily planning through the bathroom door as my companion was dying, so that was new haha.
 Besides that, this week we slowly got back up to speed from me being sick last week, by teaching Jeannine after her baptism things about the temple, Doctrine and Covenants, and how she can share the gospel with her friends(she's excited about that), so that made that lesson a bit easier. When I showed her Canal Mormon(Mormon channel) on Facebook though she almost blew her noodle with excitement( she loves inspirational quotes so that made her day). We also started teaching a Mali man, and a Venezuelan woman who knows everything and just needs to be baptized(her name is Xiomara). Overall once we were healthy again we are teaching a bunch more than before. 
 On Saturday night we decided to take the Renfe to a pueblo in our area called Alequas/Aldaia, which turned out pretty well since the people were nicer and we were able to meet some less actives named Fernado and Elsa(like frozen haha). They were cool, and we were able to give her a blessing which made it even better! But on the way back, we rode the bus, which here in Spain means hang on and hope that you don't flip over on the roundabouts, since the buses go 60 mph on ANY turn haha( just like the knight bus haha), we literally were half thrown from our seats. But it was worth it, we got back on time, just with a few bruises on our sides.
 I also learned that prayers work this week. That might sound dumb, but there were several times this week when my companion and I prayed to find people, then we had amazing contacts. Specifically on Sunday night(or last night haha) we prayed and found Kai and Khaled, who was a Muslim, who we have appointments with this week, which is amazing! Contacting is fun, but appointments are where the work is done.
 Today for preparation day I got my hair cut, we explored Turia Park with some other companionships, and also chowed down on a Dominos pizza buffet. Overall, a fun and relaxing preparation day. 
 Thanks for all your prayers, and letters! I'll try to respond to you all but it's hard to fit it in the time we have! Love you and miss you all! 
 Elder Taylor Moulton
 Fernado y Elsa (like Frozen)
 Plaza of Government
 Near Xativa
 Haircut on P-day
 Jardi del Turia (Turia Park)
 The sciences
 Dominos buffet with the gang
The Mestalla Stadium (with a Barc jersey!)
Video of Taylor's walk home from Sunday night

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