Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 67: Rainy Miracles, Alot of Cold, and Cacatios!

Hola Family!

It's freezing here holy heck haha! You can see the snow in the
mountains around the city, and it averages 40-ish in Fahrenheit most
days (but with humidity...), so I've been wearing a sweater, gloves,
hat, two pairs of socks, a coat, scarf, and a pair of basketball
shorts under my dress pants to keep warm. I'm buying thermals. Enough
said. But that hasn't put a damper on our spirits as the Christmas
lights have gone up, the Cacatíos appearing in the streets (logs with
painted faces that look like the troll meme, at Christmas Eve the
children will come out with broom sticks and things to beat the logs
so that the log poops candy and gifts. Welcome to Cataluña haha!). And

After specialized training on Tuesday in Barcelona, Elder Bowles and I
picked up some food before running back to Vic to meet with a
reference from a few weeks ago named Areceli. Story behind her, she's
a friend of the branch president’s wife, she's from Ecuador, and her
and her family investigated the church a few years ago, but because of
the disinterest of the husband (he was an evangelical preacher). Fast
forward to our visit, she didn't answer the phone on the train ride
up, so we decided to pass by in the rain and see if she was home. We
didn't find her (she and her daughters went to Zumba), we ended up
talking to the husband, Geraldo. Through the twenty minute
conversation in the family room with him, we found out that he had
retired from his preaching job, that he works in construction, he's
being having family problems and turned out to be the opposite of what
was said in the registro. He also told us that the night before we
came, he prayed to God for someone to bring him on the right path
again, to find the true gospel, and to help him see the fruits of his
faith in his family (because he hadn't seen them in his other church).
Long story short, while his wife isn't too interested still, he is (he
gave us brazos of thanks before we left), we have a lesson with him
tonight, and I know for a fact that it wasn't an accident that we came
to that man’s house that night!

Elder Bowles and I are having a pretty good time together. He's a
farmer, his dad owns a dairy ranch and teaches economics at Utah
State (I guess he dabbles), and lives in a tiny town next to Preston,
Idaho where Napolean’s from. He's a super good football player, was
studying to be a nurse, loves kebab, and yea. He's been one of the
most relaxing companions I've had so that's been a blessing. He also
love mate so yes.

One thing that l learned in our specialized training was that we all
could have more faith. Faith in our prayers, faith in leaving in the
morning to teach, and that nothing, nothing at all will get done in
missionary work until we have the faith that God will help us be
instruments in His hands. Pretty big when the mission president says
our mission needs more faith, but I like it. Also this quote to get
you thinking, thanks to President Harold B Lee, "Life is God’s gift to
man. What we do with our life is our gift to God.”

Other than that, Christmas is almost here, the ramas getting ready for
the Christmas dinner, and I'm sending you all some Christmas goodies
this week!

Have fun on the cruise and all your other Christmas activities!

🇪🇸🌴Elder Taylor Moulton🌲🇪🇸

 A hamburer with Elder Orantes

 Jose Antonio and I with some chocolate milk (and Hermana McCeseny!)
 Oh yea!  That's a Cacatio!

Europe's hot chocolate??!!

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