Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Week 69: Hop the Fence, it's 10:28, Colorful Lyrics, and Foggy Flojos!

 Querdo familia,

I'll apologize now for this email, it's been a pretty normal week for
missionary work, but I'll share the fun things. Gerardo and his family
aren't getting baptized this week, since 1, they didn't answer this
weekend and 2, we need to help them progress a little more
spiritually, but it's all good, he answered today and we're going to
pass by him tonight. Other then that, we just found a bunch of
flojo(shaky) news in the fog and cold(hovering around freezing most
days). We also knocked a lot of doors, talked to some funny Spaniards,
and oh yea we found a menos activo! Her names Judith, she's from
Columbia, and we found her when her and her friend watched us get
rejected by a spainish girl late one night and remember the
missionaries! Boom. Milagros...

The fun thing about lessons at night is getting home on time. We had a
member with us for this one lesson, so luckily they could drive us
home. Except there's construction on our street. So he couldn't get
there. And with only 2 minute to when we really needed to be home, we
ended up taking extreme measures. Hopping the three foot fences(a few)
that blocked our road . But hey we made it!

We also had our Rama Christmas party on Saturday. While we didn't
really think it'd work out too well(not much planning done by the
people), it turned out pretty good! Over 40 ish or 50 people came,
including like 5 or 6 investigators and a few less actives! We ended
up watching a video of the ysa in the Rama they made, which since they
don't speak too much English had music with some colorful words(our
Ghanaian and Nigerian brothers and us were the only ones who noticed,
lesson learned, don't play foreign music if you don't know what it
says!). We all left full of chicken and rice, and with the Christmas
spirit with only 6 days until Christmas! Boom!

We also had a surprise miracle with Miguel(an older Catalan gentleman
from a pueblo), a reference the hermanas passed to us everyone's
suprise(he's an antiguo) came to church! He even stayed for gospel
principles, where we talked about the apostasy and Restauración. He's
got very good questions, and with the friendship of the branch
president and members, we hope to have a good lesson with him this
week. Nicest man though, I love older Spanish people who want to learn
about the gospel!

Elder Bowles and I have been entertaining our selves by buying good
smelling candles, finding every cacatio in vic, and also getting the
hookups on where to buy morracan apparel and kuskus. Hey if the
Muslims don't want to listen, at the very least you can get one of
those great Muslim shirt skirts they wear!

Merry Christmas family! I'm pumped for FaceTime, and celebrating with
his great rama(it might also be elder Bowless last week, we get
transfer calls Christmas Eve. Who planned that?). Remember who the
reason for the season is!

Love and miss you all! (Silent night stuck in my head in Spanish)

🇪🇸🌴Elder Taylor Moulton🌲🇪🇸

 Soccer Saturdays
 Last district meeting together before Elder Byington left

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