Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Week 96: The Possessed Woman Invites us to Dinner, Shirtless Russians, and Anime!

Hello family,

Sorry it's been tough focusing today in emails. Realized today that I
have less than one month until I'm home. That's my trunky comment for
day, so that's that.

Quick miracle follow up, the possessed daughter from last week,
Veronica, just called us to thank us for blessing the house, and now
they're inviting us to dinner. She said that the blessing brought so
much peace to the house that was never their before (mainly due to
their wiji board they used years ago). But now all’s good, it's amazing
the power of prayer. Knock on wood I really hope we don't have to burn
a wiji board this week.

The works progressing well. We found a young lady named Christina
while door knocking. She's 18, Spanish, and has some severe physical
disabilities. And she likes anime. I don't really know what anime is.
I can't read right to left. Therefore I've learned a lot about Japanese
culture this week. But she's got a very outspoken personality and is
atheist so we were a bit nervous to begin teaching her. But after she
read on about our church services, she wanted to come, so
she did! She loved the meetings, is now friends with another JAS, is
going to sing in the JAS choir, and we’re having a family home evening
this week with her. She still says she's unsure about God existing,
but we're certain the spirits working hard on her.

Yesterday in the more humble side of our area as the Spanish people
would say (aka the ghetto). We knocked on the door of a Russian man
named Willy. Just wearing a towel, he'd come out of prison about forty
years ago, is almost 90, doesn't believe in God but still proceeded to
tell us his life story about Cuba and a bunch of other things. We left
thinking, well that what happens when you contact in that part of

Also taught a Mali man about Jesus Christ. His name is Paul. He might be of
Muslim heritage, but he listened, is coming to church this week, has a
daughter that we're going to meet, and yea. The Muslims are coming
into the gospel in Spain. Also lesson learned, if you teach on a
slanted bench, be prepared to slide up next to your friends without

Other highlights, visited the island of Menorca on an intercambio on a
small jet plane. My old companion Elder Bowles just left when I got
there so it was fun to catch up with his trainee there.  Today we
climbed to Castle Bellver, hot and had good views of Palma. Next week
I'll email the Fourth of July with pics of our Fourth of July BBQ with
the senior couple and the missionaries of Mallorca.

Love and miss you all!

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸŒ΄Elder Taylor Moulton🌲πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

 Elder Chin ay you is from Tahiti, so he does this well!
 Preparation Day hike to the Castle Bellver

 Palma from the little plane I took!
 Menorca - went there on an intercambio
 Sport Saturdays!
Our Street!

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