Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week 93: Rain and Showering off old Gypsie Men!


Wow just realized that I have barely any time left to write. Here's
the highlights:

-watching a bunny named Nephi climb on the couch behind the mom and
son we were teaching (members obviously), poo little balls of poo all
down behind their backs...

-Stanley our Nigerian friend is getting baptized the 17th of June!
He's so pumped you wouldn't believe it. He also enjoyed the part of
1st Nephi when Nephi cuts Laban’s head off.  Classy.

-Thunder Storms this week gave us relief from the desert heat but at
the same time woke us up at 6 am with thunder claps that sound like

-Today for preparation day we fed geese, threw and skipped rocks in
the Rio Ebro, and ate Taco Bell.

-Pascual this 83 year old gypsie man. In order to get him to the
shower to get ready for a baptismal service I pulled him up on his
feet for his granddaughter to shower him off.

And a bunch of other miracles in the street talking to people, high
fiving kids, and sharing the Book of Mormon with every Maño we can

Love you all! Read the talk "The Godhead and the Plan of Salvation" by
Elder Oaks from this conference. It's a terrific one to re-read.

Thanks for all your support! Love and miss you all! Church is true!

🇪🇸🌴Elder Taylor Moulton🌲🇪🇸

Throwing rocks in the Rio Ebro!

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