Thursday, September 3, 2015

Potato Cement, General Authorities, and Basketball Stunts!

Hola family y amigos!

Week 2 at the MTC, and I'm starting to get into a rhythm with all the work here. Each day usually includes 10 hours in the classroom, our teachers are Hermana Savage and also Hermano Ostler. Funny story about that, so our first investigator here at the MTC was Jose Pena, a dude with eye problems who REALLY wanted to get baptized (he reminded us of this many a time during our lessons haha). Last Friday though, Hermana savage announced that we wouldn't be meeting with him anymore, which was weird, until he came into the class later that night in a white shirt and said he was our new teacher named Hermano Ostler! Our district was thoroughly disturbed/extremely surprised by this , but he's a great teacher so we got over him duping us haha.

So another cool thing that happened this week was that Elder Oaks came to speak last night for our devotional! My companion and I had front row seats on the stand because we were part of the choir (we sang "Lead Kindly Light"). It’s crazy how awesome 1000 people can sing here at the MTC.

So the potato cement is what we think of about the mashed potatoes here. While it tastes great, it literally is the densest food I've eaten so it fills you up pretty fast. The food here is great otherwise, except for the mexican food...yikes that stuff messes you up.

Another good story was about when I attempted to save a basketball the other day from going out (The Basketball Stunt). Because of my elite sense of coordination (hahaha), when slapping the ball back in I ended up somersaulting across the court (quite a few feet) into another game. Sadly the ball went out so it wasn't even worth it in the end.

But besides that, Elder Pixton and I are teaching 3 investigators, Alan, Nicola and Sergio (two are our teachers, and one is a trc dude who we don't know is an investigator or not). We've been getting pretty good at speaking Spanish so those are getting easier.

My final story is about an elder from our sister district in our zone named Elder McIntyre. On Friday, since he was super sore from working out so he decided to take some Advil PM... at 10 am (on accident of course). So for the rest of the day we had fun listening to him try to give life advice while he was pretty much drunk (he eventually passed out asleep in class so he recovered). He fell asleep in his room with his legs on the bed and his face flat on a pillow on the floor haha. Lesson learned...PM does not equal AM.

Overall, the MTC is pretty awesome, and it’s cool to not be the new ones this week as another round of missionaries come in today. I miss you all, and I’ll keep trying to reply to all your emails when I can!
Elder Taylor Moulton

Barcelona Spain Mission

 In front of the temple
 District Selfie
 Chillin in our tiny classroom with Elders Fleming and Scheel
 Picture of the temple before our session this morning
My district by the temple last Sunday

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