Thursday, September 17, 2015

Week 4 MTC - Jeffrey R. Holland, Thunderstorms, and Egg Rolls!

Hola Familia and Amigos!

It’s been a crazy week here at the MTC! There's been crazy thunder and rain here the last few days, so it’s felt like Seattle. The rain was so hard though that you couldn't see out the windows by the track haha, it was a downpour. But the hard thing this week was speaking Spanish. We spent the last two days in Solo Espanol(aka no English :() so it was a little harder to communicate with the rest of the group haha. At the end it was funny since I was speaking full on spanglish to Elder Pixton (like "Yo puedo do this!"), so that was entertaining haha. But it’s helping our language skills so that’s what counts!

So one of my favorite talks this week was by Elder Holland (it was a recording we watched Sunday night... but oh well). He talked about keeping our greenie fire going and being the best possible missionaries we could be. He also was pretty funny when he talked about the authors of the missionary handbook drinking pickle juice and being angry when they wrote it(in a sarcastic way of course).

But a cool thing that happened this week was that Elder Brett Babbel from the LW ward, and my seminary class, showed up as part of our zones new district! He's like two doors down from us too so that's awesome! We also ran 4 miles out on the field, since he's the only one in the zone who likes running besides me.

Another good story this week was about Alan our investigator. During our lesson, about the commandments, he talked about this party he was going to with alcohol and stuff(in a very no subtle way haha(I love it when investigators needs are obvious)). So when we asked him during the lesson on the Word of Wisdom what he had problems with, he went down the list, including illegal drugs of things he does. So that made committing him hard since he did these with his friends, but hopefully he followed through for our next lesson!

Anyways, the MTC is going great! The foods great, especially the egg rolls(they are like brown logs of joy!), as long as you eat the right things(An elder in our district had a bad experience with that haha). We also did initiatories today at the temple, so that was a cool experience too.

Thanks for all the letters, and send more if you can, only 12 days left here in Provo until Barcelona!

Love and miss you all!

Elder Taylor Moulton

Barcelona Spain Mission

 Solo pic in front of the temple
 It actually rains here!
 Don't know if this needs a caption haha
Twinning with Elder Jones


  1. Thank you for maintaining this blog. Taylor's letters and pictures are great. It is so fun to follow his mission adventures.

  2. haha I love his enthusiasm and the eggrolls being brown logs of joy! haha