Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week 3 at the MTC - Sickness, Alien Jello, and our first Investigator to Commit to be Baptized!

Hola Family and Friends!

Crazy enough, yesterday was the halfway point for me at the MTC, dang these weeks are flying by! This week was hard though because everyone in our district, and most of our zone were fighting things like pink eye, the flu, laryngitis, and lots of coughs, so being so close together for class was a little uncomfortable(I only got a cough thankfully). But the good news is that Elder Pixton and I committed Nicola(our teacher acting as an investigator) to baptism, which was awesome because she was a super anti-religious person when we first met her! Our goal is to do the same for Alan(TRC volunteer, so he may or may not be a member, since they don't tell us) and Sergio, our other investigators, by the end of the week.

Another cool thing this week was teaching Spanish members. We had this cool old guy named Hermano Grittiths(I couldn't pronounce it for some reason haha), who served in Uruguay and the Air force, and told us this awesome story of him being healed by a priesthood blessing when he got either polio or meningitis(or could be both...the days are long here so I totally forgot). We also talked to a temporarily returned missionary who broke his back when he fell off a chapel roof he was working on in Peru(crazy but true haha). Overall it was just cool for a change to teach people who want to talk about the gospel.

So some of you asked about my schedule here at the MTC so here it goes:

6:30- I wake up, roll over so I can try to say a prayer without falling asleep again, and get ready for the day

7:15-Breakfast, where I usually eat blueberry bagels and some oatmeal and juice(Apparently the orange juice is messed up here, but nothings happened yet so I guess its safe).

7:45 Class with Hermana Savage until lunch, we usually practice lessons and spanish

12:20 to 3:20 Study time, with an hour for personal, companion and language study(funny story about that, the other day I fell asleep on accident during personal study, and when I woke up I fell forward and knocked my books off the table haha, luckily I'm usually good at staying awake)

3:20 to 4:20 Gym time, I usually play either BBall or sand volleyball with the district, or run around the tiny track here(I miss Washington trails :/)

4:50 Dinner

5:30 to 9 Class with Hermano Ostler(Who’s from Olympia I found out)
9-9:30 Planning for tomorrow, or doing DL interviews with the elders in the district

9:30 to 10:30 Brushing teeth/and goofing around with other people in zone and on our floor before bed.

So yea, pretty crazy days here haha. Ok to explain the Alien jello, one day last week I was talking with Elder Mair (he's from Heber, and sorta has the body type of a smaller hulk, he's pretty huge from wrestling) when he tried to eat his jello he got for lunch. It was so dense though that we ended up bouncing grapes off of it into a bowl, and testing to see how high you could drop it without it breaking, which it never did. Basically, now I stay away from the Jello unless I want to hit someone with a grape across the table.

Overall, it’s been a great week of learning, having devotionals and getting to know our district and zone better, and most importantly, becoming more spiritually prepared to teach the people of Barcelona!

Miss you all!

Elder Taylor Moulton

PS Thank you President Millard for the Cupcakes! And thank you family for the awesome package, I ate like half the Reeses already!
 Elder Pixton and I by the temple on Sunday
 This might look weird, but this is the famous Cream Soda Tree, which seriously smells like Butterscotch or caramel for some strange reason!

 Bored in class - we spend like 12 hours a day in here!
Thanks for all the awesome letters!

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