Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week 5: MTC and the Spoken Word, Skype Lessons, and Sleep Talking

Hola Family!

How’s life back at home? This is the last p-day for me in the MTC so it's a little freaky to think I'll be in Spain next week. I did get my flight plans though. I have to wake up at 2:30 am on Monday(or should we say Sunday night) to get to the airport.. not excited for that, but at least there will be 7 other missionaries going to Barcelona!. We fly to Chicago, Frankfurt Germany before landing in Barcelona the next day, so long, but at least we get a glimpse of Germany along the way! We also get a 45 minute to an hour phone call home so that'll be cool too! Our whole district is just excited to get out in the field!

So one of the cool things that happened this week was that we had Lloyd Newell, aka the General Conference Voice, come and narrate our own version of Music and the Spoken Word with the choir and audience singing the songs. It was so cool, especially with over 1000 singers in the choir with me! The best song was How Firm a Foundation, which was powerful enough to both ruin our voices, and have Bro. Newell comment that it was by far the most powerful version of the song that he's heard before! Coming from him, that's awesome!

We also finished up teaching our investigators this week, Alan and Nicolla, so we sadly have no one to teach at the moment haha. We can only practice door approaches with the district, which gets interesting with a bunch of 18/19 year olds haha. But our teaching(for elder Pixton and I) is way better according to our teachers so that’s great! We also got to teach people in other countries over skype so that was fun too.

Another good story this week is about my sleep talking. As my family knows from staying in hotels, I talk a bunch so the MTC's no different. One of the elders in our room, Elder Fleming, sleeps pretty lightly so every morning I get the report on what was said the night before. So far the best quotes are "Ahhhh Snakes!!!","But it’s my last night being single", "Cerca de dios....", and many other interesting things. Oh well at least nights here aren't boring for the room haha. Plus one elder snores and my companion grunts randomly during the night so it’s like a chorus of drunken animals for anyone that hears us.

We also had an awesome final testimony meeting with both the districts leaving next week, President Doman, his wife, aunt and uncle who are in the MTC right now, and their recent RM daughter. Our two districts are super close so it was cool to hear all their testimonies too. I even found out this week that Hermana Shaw in that district lived in Snoqualmie and was a XC runner for MT Si, so it was crazy to find out that her team was at the Coed relays all those years!

Overall, it’s been a great week, and Its been awesome getting to know Elder Pixton and my district better before we all leave next week across the globe. Thanks for all the letters and emails here at the MTC, and I hope to hear from you all in Barcelona!

 Love and Miss you all!

 Elder Taylor Moulton

 Casual shadow pic with Elder Pixton, me and a few others
 Companion pic last Sunday
 Check out this awesome shirt I got!  I also got a haircut today too before I leave
 You know it's hot outside when.....

Lloyd Newell everyone!

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