Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 7: Kebobs, German Airports, and Rickshaws

Hola Family and Friends!

It's been almost two weeks since my last letter, but it's also been
some of the craziest days of my life. On Monday we woke up at the
sweet time of 2 am to get to our flight to Chicago, which was made
better by me being able to talk with the family for an hour( even if
it was 6 am your time... Sorry haha). From Chicago we took an 8.5 hour
flight on a Lufthansa 747 800(it was huuuge) to Frankfurt, which
you'll see in the pic looks straight from the hunger games. After
getting kicked out of security by a very German security woman for
having a tiny bit of water, we made it to the gate and got on a short
flight over the alps to beautiful Barcelona! This place is amazing,
crazy buildings, super nice people and very humid weather. After
spending the night at a piso(apartment) in hospitalet, we spent
Wednesday( we're 9 hours ahead so it's weird) at a devotional with
the mission pres before getting called up one by one to the map to
find out where we were going and with who( freakiest thing ever). I
also saw elder Wardle at the meeting, so it was awesome to catch up
with him. I'm serving in Valencia, a three hour train ride south of
Barc, with my trainer Elder McArthur, made even more interesting and
fun since we were whitewashed(were both new here to Valencia so we
know/knew nothing). But he's super chill and enthusiastic, and the two
other elders in our piso, elders Islas and Hemeyer, and us all get
along super well. The pisos cool though, it's a penthouse on a
building west of downtown with a 180 degree view of the city.

The food here is spectacular! I tried chicken paella(Velencia’s known
for it), vaca sandwiches, and kabobs(gut bombs of meat, pita and
happiness). It's was definitely a cultural experience shopping at the
Mercadona for the first time haha( the eggs aren't refrigerated

But we were rewarded for the last few days of combing Patrix( our
area), and the metro with conference, which we started watching
Saturday night(the time difference is weird), but it was cool watching

Finally, we as a zone rented rickshaws to pedal around the palace of
science today for preparation day, where we narrowly missed runners,
birds and also slid down a giant playground made to look like a body(
look up Gulliver park and you'll see). It was definitely a fun way to
get to know the zone and to relax after the last few days.

Thank you for all your emails and I'll be able to see all of them on
my iPad during the week, but I'll only be able to respond on Mondays.

Love and miss you all!

Elder Taylor Moulton
 Piso pic with Elder McArthur

 During email time at the church
 Inside piso
 Views from Piso

The park with the video below

Gulliver Park

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