Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 9: Miley Cyrus, Ditched in Xrivella, Teaching with the Mission President, and Spanish Problems

Hola family!

How's this week been? It's been crazy here in Valencia with miracles,
and random things happening everywhere. The good news is that we'll be
baptizing Janina on Saturday for sure, mainly because we taught her
with the mission president, President Dayton, who was in town by
chance(thank goodness we called him, he's an amazing teacher). She is
super strong in testimony now, and she had a dream about the church
being true so she's dead set on her baptism. Her pastor stopped
sending anti-Mormon texts too so that helped(understatement haha). She
had a dream that night too that the church was true and that the
prophet was called of God, so that definitely made our day easier. We
also have a few other investigators so we're busy. Contacting is fun
too, since we meet some weird people( I talked to someone last night
named Pedro-Pablo, that name though!)

Ok so I wrote in Miley Cyrus in the subject line because we convinced
my companion that she died. It was all going smoothly until I had to
tell someone the truth about it, and he found out so he was pretty sad
about that haha.

Another thing that was funny this week was when I switched upper
sentir and sentarse when I asked if an investigator wanted to sit
down. Sentir means to feel, instead of to sit, so you could imagine
that awkward and funny stare she gave me when I asked her that. Lesson
learned, even one letter can change a word haha.

We were contacting our in a pueblo called Xrivella (it sounds like
chili and vella), and all was going well, when the train that was
leaving the station when we got there turned out to be the last train
of the day! So instead we had to find a bus and take it back into
town, and walk the rest of the way to our piso. Lesson learned, trains
have a schedule haha.

Overall it's been a fun and spiritual week, and it's cool to see
miracles like Janina changing, and other investigators making changes
to be ready for baptism. The food here's great too, the pork I had
last night was literally like candy haha. I miss you all, and I hope
you have an awesomely spectacular week with school, xc and work!

Love and miss you all!

Elder Taylor Moulton

 Pic with companion, Elder McArthur
 This is Plaza Patraix down the street from my piso
 Park by my piso
 Zone pic from Gulliver Park last week
 Dinner at members home with Ronny - this food was amazing!  We had pork, lasagna, crepes, salad, rice, and flan latee!
 Pic with Ronny, a recent convert who goes out with us a lot!
 Pic with Janina and the mission president after we taught a lesson with her
 Getting ditched by a train!  They do run on schedules here!
Slept out on the deck last night
Best ice cream sandwich ever!  Two strawberry cookies and carmel ice cream in it!  It was amazing!
Picture on the side of the metro

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