Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week 10: Baptism!! Sickness, Tranquilizer Pills, and Pique Machu

Hola Friends and Family!

This week has been a party, except for the fact that I've been dead
sick since from Wednesday to yesterday. Because of that I've had to
spend my days in our piso playing chess, sleeping, and cleaning since
I was bored a lot. I had the flu until Thursday night, and then I felt
fine except for stomach problems after wards that kept me in (I'll
skip the details). But other than that, we baptized Jeannine! The
baptism on Saturday was packed, she bore her testimony afterwards and
called elder McArthur and I her angels(she's called us that for a
while). All the missionaries sang for her too(Come thou Fount). But
overall it was great service. She forgot to cover her nose during the
baptism, but that was the only mishap we had(I didn't get to baptize
her though since when we asked who she wanted to baptize her she
wanted the most experienced one, so yea... Next time I'll do it

Elder Islas, one of the other elders in our piso, was sick too this
week so our companions headed out to do our dirty work while we rested.
I found that it's actually quite terrible to be sick here because all
you want to do is meet new people on the streets, and that's hard to
do when you’re stuck with chills in the apartment. But good news, I feel
great now and I was able to go to the baptism healthy too.

One thing my companion and I were able to do this week was eat Pique
Machu, a Bolivian food made up of steak, French fries, cheese, pepper,
onions, and eggs. It was actually delicious and afterwards we stuffed
ourselves on some delicious desserts(mousse, pie, cheese bread).

So while the week was a little less eventful, Sunday definitely
wasn't. On the metro there I got a bible waved at me by a strangely
angry and old Romanian lady telling me that the church was false, so
that was strange haha. Then we had normal classes until sacrament
meeting, when an old lady named Mariela (she's got some great stories)
accidentally took her special needs grandson's tranquilizer pill and
passed out after the meeting ended. The EMT came and she was fine,
but add that to glass being broken in the chapel and food being brought
for ward choir, and it made for a very interesting day at church.

For preparation day today we explored the old side of Valencia. We
visited the Torres de Quart, the central Cathedral, ate really good
gelato, and just had fun walking through this cool city. This place is
really cool, there's a bakery at every corner, and cool street
musicians on violins and other instruments who are REALLY good too.

Overall it was a slowish week, but I'm excited to finally be healthy
and to be able to head out and contact tonight after a few days of
being sick. It's crazy how a mission can change you from wanted to be
sick to stay home, to making you want to be out teaching even more, so
I've definitely changed in that sense from before.

Love and miss you all!

Elder Taylor Moulton
Tradition of wearing white the day of a baptism
 Baptism of Jeanine

 Exploring Old Town Valencia - Torres de Quart

 Top of Torres de Quart with gang

 Dinner on our patio
Pique Machu - a Bolivian dish
 Central Mercat of Valencia

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