Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 88: Lord Farquad, IPads in strange places, and Algerian Party!

Hola family!

Don't have much time today, but I'll summarize a pretty crazy Spanish
week. Transfer calls came, my companion Elder Barlow became District
Leader in Barcelona (boom!), and my new companion Elder Lattin’s going
into his second area. I'm excited. Sad thing is that the Hermanas were
taken out of the ward here, but now the two sets of elders have bigger
areas. Ours is huge, I'm so excited! Our last one was a bit sad!

The miracle this week has been Juaquin, our friend from Cape Verde.
After three weeks of being out of the count for his trip to Barcelona,
he came back! Thank goodness he did, since he came to church too. It
was a very uplifting meeting, and at the end after asking how he felt,
said he felt a great feeling, and asked if it happens every week.
Since of course it does, he's says he plans on coming next week with
his wife Consuelo and every week after. Big change from where he was a
few weeks ago. Ester and Ester came too, we haven't been able to meet
for a week and a half due to her daughter being sick, but we met with
her before Elder Barlow left to say goodbye. Now it's about helping
them get ready for baptism.

Fun story, after leaving a visit with Jito (pronounced g-2), a Ghanaian
man, I left my iPad on the table. Didn't realize either until we hear
"brothers!" from the fifth floor balcony and look up in fright to see
his holding my iPad over the edge. Luckily he came down and gave it
to us. I thought he was going to drop it... that's a long way down.

We also taught an Algerian man named Hafid the plan of salvation this
week. He's a man of faith, but very Muslim. What he told us was "I
like your message, but I don't think my wife will". He showed us a
picture of his very Muslim dressed wife Fatima and we agreed. Next
visit, a random catholic friend sat in on the lesson, and started with
the heartwarming "there little hope here, they're Muslim and will
never change". Well thanks Satan for reminding us they're Muslim. We
kept up and taught them both, plus the Catholic man, about Jesus
Christ. The Catholic man (Antonio) began to ask more about the church
and our beliefs, and wants to hear more! The Lord works in strange

Lord Farquad is who looks just like a man we saw in the door the other
day. He's short too haha.

Other than that, great week, I'm excited to begin the work again and
see these two Ester and Ester get baptized soon!

Love and miss you all!

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸŒ΄Elder Taylor Moulton🌲πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

 Transfer night crepes!
 Swans and the sun while waiting for our companions
 Comic Elder Mendoza made about ward council and a recent convert haha!

 Beautiful church in downtown Zaragoza today
 Just your average Spanish post office, pijo!  Brian's got something on the way for him!
 Michel our ward mission leader!
 Goodbye to most of the Lleida zone!

 Goodbye Elder Barlow!
Our new companions, Elder Lattin (mine) and Elder Salazar

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