Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week 89: Borachos, Caves, Fiery Mana Testimonies, and Rude People!

Hello a todos,

Hoy me voy a write you all in Spanglish. I'm kidding but that's how I
write in my journal. This week as our first week together, Elder
Lattin and I made our way into the crazy world of Las Fuentes and la
Magdalena to find some new people to teach. We found a bunch, but
they're strange. We met a couple from Mali, and old homeless man with
a Book of Mormon in his cart, an old man from Transylvania Romania,
and an old woman from Ecuador(yes, I love my Ecuadorians!). As you can
see from the subject line we met a few drunk people (stories after the
mission, you'll like them). Let's just say that public drunkenness is
normal here.

While I love the Spanish people to death, they're a bit direct with
you. While in English you'd say, in order to describe a person, that
one is overweight (never fat or obese or chunky, because that's rude).
Well here they don't hide much. They just call you the gordito (the
little fat one). At least they're honest.

Sorry mom if I copied this from your email, but this is a true story
from the Spanish pulpit. An old 80 something year old Spanish lady
gets to the stand yesterday to share her testimony and by the end is
waving a Jesus Christ book mark around, and is calling
us out for not having enough faith as a ward to see Jesus Christ (she
had seen him apparently). She even left the stand and was shaking her
arms up and down next to it to make her point (les falta fe eh!). Super
funny and awkward.

Sadly, we've had to move on from a few of our past investigators like
Juaquin, Adela, Consuelo and Dallan because they all are very tough to
meet with and have fired several times the last week or so. Thankfully in
their place we have some promising new comers. One of which is Omilio.
He's an old man we found in the street, who after asking him if he's
seen the Book of Mormon before, pulls one right out of his bag! After
a good first lesson that ended up being distracting with some drunk
homeless man, he's doing good. It'll take a bit of practice to help
him pray right (he can't get himself to pray anything but to the

Ester and Ester have been becoming tough too, the daughter, who've we
focused on this week a bit more, is unsure about being baptized now.
To help them get back on the path we shared Elder Costas’ talk from
this last general conference, and that's helped a bit. We'll have to
give them a lesson z too if they keep plateauing, they didn't come to
church this week either.

Other than that, just a strange week. Us four today went and hiked to
a castle in the desert outside of Zaragoza. Nothing like sitting on a
cliff and eating Spanish sandwiches. We ended up wading through mud in
the swamp next to it in the effort to find a shortcut. It failed, we
just got covered in mud.

My spiritual thought is on the apostasy. I know that after centuries
of being lost, confused and changed by men and the devil, the gospel
of Jesus Christ is here once more in its fullness. I've seen so many
churches and strange beliefs (Muslims, church of philidelfia, mountain
of fire and miracles ministries, etc),and I know that we are in the
true church of Jesus Christ. When in doubt, pray about it. If you ask
google or your pastor, they'll probably mess you up more.

Love and miss you all!

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸŒ΄Elder Taylor Moulton🌲πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

 Screenshot from a video - that's my district!

 Juslibol castles and mud

 Underground houses in Juslibol

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