Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Week 92: My Bear hugs, Zaragoza Zone Travels to Barcelona, and Helado del Diablo

Hola familia!

My what a long, interesting week we've had. I'll list off some of the highlights.

Saturday night while visiting our old member friend Daniel, I gave him
a hug. I usually do, but this time, as we were leaving the house, my
bear hug caused his pants to fall off. I have no idea how or why, but
unknown to me, his pants fell down, he gave a hug to Elder Lattin too,
and we left. So my bear hugs sometimes cause old Spanish peoples pants
to fall off. I'm that good.

We've tried many ways to contact. One of my favorites is ice cream.
It’s simple, on the hot days you start by asking where one could find
the best ice cream, and then tying it into missionary work and the
message. It usually works, until we tried it on one couple on a
bench who freaked out. Like "agh don't bother us ahah!", and then got
up and sped walked away, even if we just asked where some ice cream
was. It was like 92 degrees so it was a valid question. You'd think we
were asking for ice cream from the devil or something from their
reaction. But yea, fun times.

We've been blessed this week tremendously. It was tough the last few
weeks but now we have a few investigators that are progressing so
we're hoping for the best this week. Daniel, the miracle from two
weeks ago disappeared and moved pisos. We hope that he can at least
come to a sacrament meeting to start back up again.

We did find one miracle, Stanley. He's the man that an antiguo
investigator told us about. He's from Nigeria, has about 8 months in
Spain, and wanted to find a Christian church in Spain that wasn't
catholic! He came too! He liked the meetings, he needed to leave after
sacrament meeting, but he was very attentive. I had to translate, but
the spirit was felt. The only struggle is keeping his focus in
lessons, he might have ADHD. He can barely hold his attention to a
video two minutes long without looking about or talking about random
things. He's read a lot in the Book of Mormon so we'll help him
understand more in it this week.

We also went to a terrific conference in lhospitalet.  We learned
about personal mission statements, obedience, church attendance,
consecration, and how to invite better. Plus it was made better by
traveling across Spain as a Zone to get there. Ten missionaries on a
train is rarely boring. My favorite line was this "if the service was
a failure to you, you failed. No one can worship for you!" Ezra Taft
Benson. We create our own weather, even in church. They might be
strange, but you can still feel the spirit if you want to!

Love and miss you all, miracles are everywhere!

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸŒ΄Elder Taylor Moulton🌲πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

 Half a squirrel in the natural science museum today
 Elder Salazar had some mud cream for cleaning your face - tried it out as you can tell!

 Small horse statues....
 Karim - a recent convert
 El Pilar

 Aurelia and Pascual - a gypsie uncle and niece we are teaching and found this week knocking on doors - (I asked Taylor if the guy had anything on underneath the towel!  He did:))
 Most the buildings have stairs like this!
As Elder Salazar would say, an exposition of gringos!

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